Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to promote and enable the highest standards of clinical care by physicians and other health care professionals in the U.S. and abroad through the planning, implementation and evaluation of education activities. We do so utilizing a multitude of teaching methods, incorporating modern tools and technological innovations that support adult learning. The goal of these efforts is to improve the health of patients by improving the quality of the healthcare that our learners provide, the teaching that they perform, and the research that they conduct.

To this end our content areas include all medical disciplines and cover a broad domain of topics relevant to the science, scope, practice and teaching of medicine.

Our target audience includes physicians, researchers and other health care professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

Types of activities developed are varied and innovative including lectures, workshops, laboratory courses, in-hospital conferences, courses using emerging learning technologies, individualized programs, and e-learning and other opportunities to learn at a distance.

We expect these educational activities to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and attitude of our learners resulting in improved physician competence, performance and ultimately, we hope, in enhanced patient outcomes. These results will be assessed using qualitative and quantitative measurements that provide valuable assessments of the impact of our education activities.


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